The best taste in the best cut

If there is a product with fame and prestige that has crossed borders, this is the Iberian ham, a delicacy with unique qualities in the world. Enjoy getting to know step by step how to cut a good ham.

While cutting the ham, present the slices in a single layer or slightly overlap them. You need to know that the less you manipulate them, the product will better retain its aroma and flavor. To see and taste the ham before bying it is essential. The initial cut is important because it helps to distinguish the aroma and to appreciate the color, that shows how the fat of the ham is. Before buying the product, it is important to inquire with experts charcutiers the type of product that is beign bought. All the information will be in the label. To enjoy all the flavor, aroma, and texture of an iberian ham; and take the maximum advantage of the product, you should learn to know how to cut it like in the following steps.

1 Place the ham in the chosen machine, ensuring that it is fixed. In this phase, the pork hoof is placed upwards. With a broad knife, remove the crust and the outer fat. Begin to cut the ham moments before eating it. It needs to be eaten instantly because the contact with the air makes the ham lose some of its properties.
2 With a knife ham begin to cut small and thin slices of the mace by avoiding a concave or moon shape. The perfect slice is one that is as thin as possible, almost transparent and marbled fat.
3 The direction of the cuts must always be uniform, either towards the hoof or down. And remember to avoid accidents, your hand should always be behind the knife.
4 When you get to the hip bone, using the pointy short knife, make a deep cut around the bone to separate it from the ham and make clean cuts. You can take advantage of the meat adhered to this area by cutting it into strips or smaller slices.
5 When this part of the ham is done you need to flip to the other side and start cutting from the opposite side. With the pork hoof down, keep cutting slices of this area until you get to the bone and you can clean it.
Here there are some helpful tips:
  • If you are going to eat the ham in less than three days it is advisable to peel it whole. Otherwise, it is better to do it while cutting it.
  • Do not through away the outer fat you just cut. This cuts and the peel will be very helpful to preserve and protect the area that has been cut. Therefore, the superficial fat will always be fresh.
  • It can not be consummated colder nor kept in the fridge because it loses its flavor. Remember that optimal consumption temperature is 24 ° C.
  • Enjoy each piece. Cut the bone of the ham in pieces for the broths.