Slices ​​and packaged

Information about our packaged products.

1 How long does the ham last in a vacuum packaging before it goes to waste?

If the vacuum packaging is in perfect conditions (when the plastic is well stuck to the product), the product can last between 90 or 120 days. It is recommended to check occasionally if any of the bags has vacuum before eating the product.

2 Where should I keep it?

We recomend to keep the product in the fridge because inside a house the temperature is high and the product needs to be in a cold environment. But you need to remember to remove the product from the fridge 10 minutes before it needs to be eaten. The right temperature for the ham is between 17 to 20 degrees.

3 What should I do to better separate the slices?

If the ham is in the fridge, the fat solidifies and works as a glue between the slices. Consequently, it is very difficult to separate the slices if the product is cold. In case you did not remember to take with enough time the product outside the fridge, you need to put the bag without opening it under hot water. Therefore, the fat will melt and the slices will be easier to separate.

4 Do we vacuum packing another product?

We pack all kinds of products with the same advantages as the ham. We can also pack cooked products, but they always need to be in the refrigerator.